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  1. Dear Jennifer,

    Thank you for inspiring me to become the best version of myself. I have read a number of well written self-improvement books, however your books are the firsts that gave me motivation to actually put those ideas into action. I am happy to report that I am now living an even better quality life and appreciate more the gift of each day. Thank you.

    Ps. Like you I have lived in Paris for a long period of time (4.5 years to be exact :) ). Thank you for reminding me of those wonderful memories!

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Jennifer, Thank you for your book, Lessons from Madame Chic! It is so inspiring, and opened my eyes in many ways. I read your first book in Japanese, and found you have already issued the second book! Can’t wait to read your new book!! Thanks!

  3. Dear Jennifer,
    I feel so renewed since discovering your books, blog, and you-tube channel. You have inspired me to live a life style I once lived prior to becoming a wife and mother. I am only wearing my best and have gotten rid of so many clothes(several trash bags) that no longer suite my new life.It was amazing! I am even dressing my 4 year old daughter in her best everday If her clothes get a little messy, that’s what spot cleaner is for! Looking forward to your third book.
    Much Love,
    M.E. Goss

  4. Dear Jennifer,
    I just started your “At Home With Madame Chic”. I appreciate how you include at-home moms as well as working moms in your audience. Its so refreshing to be told that even though I have a demanding professional life, I can and should follow my instinct to focus on my home and that it is actually an investment in the happiness of myself and my family.
    Thank you!

  5. Dear Jennifer,
    Thank you for your belief and promotion of a quality life style. Your “Lessons from Madame Chic” has had a profound effect on my life.
    I have and continue purging, going from 3 full closets to only 1 small one. I have purged everything else in my house and I am constantly thinking about what else I am no longer using which can be sold/donated or simply dumped.
    Because of this book, I now only wear my best clothes whether to go to work, to teach or go grocery shopping on the week-end. I have gotten rid of everything that does not promote a quality lifestyle and that includes acquaintances. Thank you!

  6. Thank you, Jennifer, for your 2-books. They’re inspiring! I’m in my 70’s, married and am a grandmother. Even though I dress well, am organized in our home, I am happy to have read your books, to read about Madame Chic and her French ways and to watch your Daily Connoisseur. You are uplifting! I’m receiving a refresher course and I am delighted. Be encouraged! Please continue what you’re doing. It’s much needed.

  7. Ms. Scott I am so impressed with your sense of style and common sense. As a woman reaching her 60th decade of life I am sadden to observe the decline of poise, style and class among some of the women today.
    I hope more women will take your style advice to heart.
    You are a lovely, intelligent and caring young woman.

  8. Hi Jennifer, I”ve just read “the 10 pieces wardrobe” in Japanese. I was making effort to keep my life that way but it was not successful because I did not have any role models. Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts and experiences. Now I can visualise how to be! – Takeshi , Tokyo Japan.

  9. Hi Jennifer! I love the inspiration your books offer and love the weekly “pick-me-up’s” from your weekly blog videos!

    One area where I struggle in maintaining chicness is in my schedule. I feel as though I am fairly well organized, but I still feel as though days zoom by me and I’m only able to get the bare minimum (daily chores) complete. I know your book suggest different cleaning schedules, but I would really love to know your specific daily schedule. I realize each day is different; what is a general timeline for getting your house in order, taking your girls to school, getting some work in, making dinner, and finding 10 minutes in evening for some time for yourself?

    Thanks you for considering a video about this topic!

  10. Hi Jennifer
    Having trained in the UK as an image and style consultant I have been reading your books for inspiration. I have been on a journey to rationalise my wardrobe and make up and found your tips on the 10 item wardrobe very helpful. I love the idea of signature style and scent. Personal I have been drawn to Rive Gauche for years, I have dabbled with other fragrances but some, although more sophisticated, don’t match my personality quite the same. I would describe my work day style as smart separates and at home relaxed. One look I like with jeans is the Breton look, be it with t shirt or, as I live in the UK, the clasic Breton sweater.
    Just love the whole ethos of your books and blogs and will be sharing with my clients.
    From South West England

  11. Hi Jennifer,
    Reading your book ‘At Home with Madame Chic’ is improving my life with every turn of the page. I love your hairstyle ideas, all natural home remedies, and music suggestions. I love how the book is laid out in a span of one single day, taking you from morning to night in a single elegant motion. You are an inspiration and oh so chic!
    Thank you with all my heart.

  12. Hi Jennifer,

    I adore both your books – I read them both cover to cover! I remade my mornings to be more “Madame Chic” and now have a proper breakfast, sitting down and eating together, with my son, even on weekday mornings. It’s something I look forward to with great delight and prepare for the night before. Such a difference. I’m trying many of your hints. The idea to take pride in domestic tasks and “not to be lazy” are things I’ve taken to heart and really feel good about – thank you!


  13. Hi Jennifer,
    I just want to thank you for your lovely, highly inspiring books! I’m now rereading “At Home with Madame Chic” and find myself agreeing with so many of your ideas and thoughts (e.g. not to plan too many activities for children). I also tried your trick of walking into my house, imagining seeing it for the first time, and I fell in love with my home all over again! I use the affirmations “All is well” or “I can get through any situation with grace” – they really help me, not to mention listening to classical music. Some of the things you write about I do already, such as trying to dress elegantly even if I’m not going anywhere. Being a Scandinavian woman (with partly French ancenstry), now living in Germany, I experience the clashing of different cultures, but your “rules” are easy to follow and makes my life even better. I also love your youtube videos. Looking forward to your next (chic) book!

  14. I just found your book Madame Chic last night and I plan to purchase very soon….what a refreshment to daily living…….I applaud your work in teaching and suggesting things to make our day more lovely. Cordially yours, Victoria

  15. Jennifer,
    Hello from Orange County, CA! I found your newest book on a blog entry of books to read (Tess Whitehurst’s blog) and enjoyed it thoroughly. Immediately afterwards I read your first book and enjoyed it just as much. I especially love the way you reconcile living meaningfully and living with style. I quickly realized I had been only accomplishing one of the two. I am now finding my way with the great help of your two books to living with style, which is deepening my joy. Thank you so much for your work. You are inspiring women to live their absolute best versions of themselves. What a gift!

  16. I have just been watching your video on snacking. A few weeks ago I purchased a new, and more accurate set of bathroom scales, and realised that a few extra pounds have crepted on. I’m not one for doing the full diet thing so I decided to reduce my portion size and cut out snacking. To make snacking harder I decided that every time I ate it had to be an occasion, no eating standing up. If I know I’m going out for coffee I will have a small breakfast, or lunch if tea is on the horizon. If cakes come round the office I will take one and put it on my plate to eat at lunch time. Without much effort I have dropped 7lbs and am enjoying my food more.

  17. Hi Jennifer-
    I actually ended up at your website after going to a church small-group meeting. We were studying the 7 deadly sins, and someone mentioned that they had heard about this idea of a capsule wardrobe. It really spoke to me, because my wardrobe felt so disjointed…and in an effort to make it cohesive, I kept shopping for that perfect addition.
    After watching your first video, I went into my closet and bagged all (most) of the items that I’ve never worn…things that I never really loved to begin with… and things that I didn’t want to get rid of because, even though they were wrong for me, they were good quality and not inexpensive. I feel so freed! Once you bag the first few bags, you realize how easy it is to make a fast decision. It’s intuitive.
    I also suffered from decision making when I was buying things as a form of therapy. I would just buy them both! With this new focus on what I really need, it will be so much easier to end up with something that will
    really be a part of my lifestyle.
    On a different note, when I watch your videos, I wish you would attach the names of the pieces/ composers of the music.
    Your words of wisdom have come into my life at just the right time! Thank you-

  18. Dear Jennifer – I was lucky to be directed to your site from a profile on Miss Minimalist . I am in the midst of a gigantic home cleansing , peeling backing the layers to help make our lives more simple and functional after 18 years of cluttering our small beach house. Sadly I just missed your recent in-person visit to local book store in MB but find your videos inspiring. Just starting to read your first book and wanted to say Thank You!

  19. I just found you and your books through the rabbit hole of the Internet, and I just ordered your first book and can’t wait to read it! I’ve been a Fancophile for years now of many things French, food, perfume, clothing, style, elegance, culture, and so I was very happy to find your book and site. I’m very excited for the book to come and to be reading your blog!

  20. I am so amazed, seriously, at the inspiration I receive from you on so many levels! I am a wife, mother of 7 and a Mimi to over a dozen grandbabies, and you would think I’d have all this under my belt. Truth is, your writings and talks etc, have made me realize after so many years of home educating and raising a large family, I needed to take a step back and grasp my inner woman. I’ve totally purged my wardrobe and started a whole new outlook on my clothes and general appearance. Having always taken good care of myself, I was certainly very dated! I can’t wait to get your books! You are a breathe of fresh air and I have introduced you to my lovely daughter in loves, as well as my own darling girls. God bless you in your endeavors as a wife, mother and mentor. May your pursuits thrive!

  21. Dear Jennifer, I am so thankful I discovered your videos, blog and book ” Lessons from Madame Chic”! You are a breath of fresh air in a world that has lost the art of living beautifully, thoughtfully and well. Thank you for sharing your beautiful philosophy of living and inspiring others to attain a simpler, richer way of life. You have inspired me!

  22. Hello from England Jennifer!

    Your book ‘Lessons from Madame Chic’ has been such an inspiration for me. I was looking on the Internet for an Autumn and Winter capsule wardrobe and I came across your blog. I immediately ordered your book which I could not put down. I absolutely love every single chapter in it. I now find it easier to choose my outfits and I have realised that I don’t need to apply a full face of makeup everyday.

    I will certainly purchase your next book but alas it will be delivered when we are on holiday. I think I might just cope because we are going to France!

    Warmest regards Susan

  23. Ciao Jennifer,
    ho deciso di scrivere in Italiano per rendere Internazionale il tuo guestbook e attirare la tua attenzione :-)!
    Complimenti per il libro, simpatico, veloce, eclettico e soprattutto in linea con una realtà davvero entusiasmante. Le diversità del mondo!
    Una curiosità…. ci sarà un nuovo libro???

  24. Bonjour Jennifer,

    Lessons from Madame Chic is one of the books I read this summer. It is definitely among my favorite lifestyle books. I am a Francophile myself and hope to revisit (and eventually live in) France in the near future. I commend you for writing about how to appreciate the finer things in life and dress classy, not trashy, in such a friendly tone. I miss the days when people dressed up more often. I am definitely NOT a fan of flip-flops (except on the beach and in gym showers) and pajama pants worn in public. I am also sick of seeing all these rips in low quality clothes, so I now save my money only on high-quality pieces.

    I totally agree about quality over quantity not just in clothes, but in all aspects of life. For example. I don’t go out to eat too often anymore, but when I do, I try to go to somewhere special, rather than to generic chains or fast food. At fine places, I enjoy appreciating the experience and savoring the taste of the food. There are, however, occasional inevitable trips to fast food places (or being offered poor quality food), but I accept such experiences with a smile.

    One of the other points that struck me is appreciating fine arts. After watching the horrid “Divergent” (Someone in the family dragged me to the movies.), I realized that I, too, have a low tolerance for relatively recent Hollywood blockbusters (with few possible exceptions, especially Disney movies). Instead, I enjoy “Downton Abbey,” artsy films, classic films, and oui, French cinema. Merci for also mentioning classical music. I grew up with classical music, and it saddens me that too many people don’t know how to appreciate it. The stories behind the pieces are truly fascinating. I really can’t stand the popular music of the past decade.

    I am looking forward to reading more of your wonderful blog.

    Merci encore une fois, et bonne chance! xoxo

  25. Hello Jennifer,

    I am enjoying your book so much! I’ve been trying to simplify my material life and style over the last year, so when I stumbled across your book, it felt as if it was meant to be!

    You make topics, like style, wardrobe, and make-up, that I’ve considered to be overwhelming at times very simple to conceptually and practically organize.

    I’ve made small changes to my wardrobe and make-up by incorporating your tips, and people have noticed!

    Great book and blog!

  26. Jennifer, Hello, and Thank You so much for this much needed information. I am so excited every day practicing ideas presented in this beautiful book. And I am so grateful I can raise my children in a more elegant way. I am eagerly awaiting your next book, which was already ordered for me ,as a gift from my mother. And what a wonderful gift your books make. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for you and this book.
    Thank You!

  27. My husband loves to look his best and takes such great trouble with how he looks and only today he was looking at a suit and the gentleman in the shop said “I must say how smart you look” and my husband said, and I thought you would like this “it’s as easy to look awful as it is to look good”!
    I’ve just come across your vlog I’m going to have a look at your book thank you x

  28. Thank you for being you. I am happy that you make no apologies for being you while at the same time being very gracious and humble. I am also thrilled to see younger women who want to be ladies with grace. It is refreshing. I love your book and am looking forward to the next one. I am taking each point in 20 lessons from Madame Chic and fitting it to my life. I am still working on the 10 item wardrobe. Slowly but surely, I will get to a simplistic minimal wardrobe. I also love the “less is more” attitude that your book portrays. It is not about stuff, it is about living! Just love it! Thank you and keep up the good job!

  29. Jennifer,

    I stumbled upon your book at the library and within a couple of days had read every little word from cover to cover. My husband quickly saw how enthralled I was and purchased it for me shortly there after.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom, ideas and tips. I was and am truly inspired to live my life well by what you have written. I have begun to make better decisions on how I dress and carry myself along with the items I choose to purchase. I want a life of quality and your book has inspired me to have just that. I’m excited to read ‘At Home With Madame Chic’ and to be further inspired on how to care for my home!


  30. Jennifer, I am old enough to be your mother, but I must say you are to be commended on your values. It is rare to see in todays world. I too loved Mr. Selfridge and the Bible series. Another good one is Call the Midwife on PBS.
    Looking forward to your new book, I will buy one for myself and my daughter as she is such a francophile.

  31. Jennifer, I’ve just finished reading your marvellous book. Your words reminded me that I should live in the moment rather than merely existing. For that, I thank you.

  32. I recently purchased your book, “Lessons from Madame Chic” and thoroughly enjoyed reading every single page. The book is well written, with thought-provoking chapters whose ideas are “shared” by Jennifer; not written as “commands”. I found out about Jennifer on Amazon.com, and will continue to be a fan. Her book is just as well written as the books by Anne Barone. I also agree 100% with her recent video regarding reality tv and the negativity and vulgarity these shows have come to represent. Our society is in moral decay, and it is up to those of us who desire to see elegance, class, integrity, and a strong moral ethic once again become the norm, to stand up and speak out. Thank you, Jennifer!

  33. Hi. I found your blog through StumbleUpon and have enjoyed getting caught-up in your archives. Great stuff — plan to come back often.

  34. Thank you! You’re reminding me and everyone how to celebrate life! This is a rare and beautiful thing you’re doing with your books, blog and videos. Please remember on those days when you need a pick up, you’re contributing to the good in the world and the world needs you!

  35. I admire your courage for presenting your sincere self and sharing your knowledge and experiences with the world!

  36. Jennifer, Thank you so much for helping to hold down the fort of civilization and sanity. My whole family is now utilizing a capsule wardrobe. My children have their school uniforms and my hubby was always a capsule type of guy. I was the last to take the plunge but I’m loving it! Also your work feels like a lifeline because I had the most challenging year of my life last year with my father’s passing, my nephews hospital stay and serious disagreements with other extended family members. Your work is helping me to focus on what is most important such as taking care of my own family, that which I can control. Cooking for my family like Madame Chic did might not sound simple, but it’s part of simplifying life down to what is most important. I also love your discussions of spiritual books. Thank you and please keep up the good work.

  37. Your book is a gift to humanity. It is lifting me when I feel depressed. Life is a beautiful thing. Thank you for showing me.

  38. Hello Jennifer,
    Thank you so much for your inspirational book, videos, tips and everything. Your lovely book LMC motivated me to change my life philosophy and since August I have introduced so many changes in my wardrobe and my lifestyle. I need to say my life is better quality now and still I hope to improve it.
    Thanks a lot for showing me that every day can be celebrated. I try to look good on important occasions but looking presentable on a normal day has been the most difficult for me. I learned it is worth making an effort.
    I would appreciate even more tips for a mother of a young child – how to still feel feminine and keep the house and parent a son?
    Greetings from Poland.
    PS. Can’t wait to read your next book.

  39. Dearest Jennifer,
    Thank you for writing this charming book. My daughter gave it to me for a Christmas gift.

    I was brought up in a French home..I thought everyone was living the way we did. What a culture shock I had the first time I spent the night with a friend. I wanted to go home the home was a cluttered mess. Even their kitchen garbage can was ignored. Ours was spotless and respected ..everything was wrapped in newspapers before placing in can.

    I had a very strict upbringing and knew the value of my family’s good habits. Especially the care given to our percale sheets and furnishings and clothing. Food was impeccably cooked and served on the finest china and always a beautiful table cloth from France.

    You were very fortunate to have had such an incredible opportunity..I would think you have eyes in the back of your head after returning home.

    Thank you for writing this book my French upbringing is perfectly described.

    My grandmother was from the Ardech Region. Her name was Maria Elizabeth Berthon Gentelet. She would play French Opera after a fabulous lunch every Sunday. We all sat up straight while we listened. It still owns my memories and I am 75 years old. Thank you for this lovely book I truly cherish it..

    Marilyn Yvonne Trice Fillingim

  40. Dear Jennifer
    Please never stop with what you are doing. Jennifer you are a rare gem in this very unsophisticated world we’re living in thank you for your inspiration to live well, thank you for bringing ‘nice’ back. I am looking forward to reading your new book out end of 2014. You are a blessing to many and I wish you continued blessings and success. Thank you xXx

  41. I bought your book and love it, especially the thoughts on the 10 piece wardrobe. I also enjoy your videos and decided that I too should have an orchid plant, now I do. Thank you for all of your thoughts and information.

  42. Your book has changed me! My life is so much more thoughtful and beautiful because of your suggestions. Thank you so much. I’m savouring life and living it with passions. Your tips were so simple and profoundly efficient. You’re a gem!

  43. Hello, Jennifer! I read your wonderful little book several times before my trip to Europe this past May, and am now reading it again, to bring back my wonderful memories of Paris. You are such a good writer, the book is humorous as well as very informative and I love every page. I hope with all my heart to return to Paris one day in the not-too-distant future~~~it was so difficult to leave! Everything people have said about this city is completely true. Paris is DIVINE!!

  44. Hi there Jennifer,
    Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed reading your book. I stumbled upon it at our little library under the “new” arrival section. After just reading a couple of chapters, I pulled up your delightful blog and then called my sister and told her about you and the book. We are now fans.
    Your book spoke to both of us. Each chapter represented how we have always lived our lives (we are quite a bit older then you). I will be purchasing this book and sending it to of my (three) 20 something daughters.
    I wish you nothing but success with Madame Chic as well as looking forward to any future books you have in the works.

  45. Love the website–brings back memories of my year s living abroad first as an exchange student then to Paris after college. Also nice to reconnect with values and ideas that I had growing up but seem to have been misplaced for a few years. Going out to get the book very soon…

  46. I am reading your book and love it!
    I love reading the chapters about living well, so yesterday I was inspired to go into my kitchen and cook something wonderful. I decided on Soupe au Pistou from my 1960s copy of Joy of French Cooking. I have had this cookbook for years but was too intimidated to make anything. The soup was well loved by my family, and by friends we shared it with!

    Also, I am in the process of implementing the 10 item wardrobe. I am clearing my closet and pulling together my capsule wardrobe from what I already have. It is coming together!

    Love the blog and your videos, too.

  47. Read your book, re-read your book, recommended it to a friend, then re-read your book!

    I am sitting straighter as I type this message.

    Can’t wait to splurge and buy the Clarisonic. Twice in one week I was introduced to it. That must be a sign!

  48. Dear Jennifer, I bought your book two weeks ago and I didn’t think I did something good… I was wrong !!
    The book is a surprise and I’m reading for the second time. Now I’ trying to follow what I think is correct for me as Garde-Robe Express. GOOD JOB
    Francesca Pinat from Italy

  49. Hi Jennifer,
    I LOVE your book!!!! Thank you so much for writting it. Such an inspiration. I’m cleaning out my closets and decluttering my house. We’ve had dinner in the dinning room all week using our fine china, cloth napkins, crystal, etc. my 8 and 5 year old and husband love it. Thank you for breathing new life into our home.

  50. i am hoping to buy your book soon (too many medical bills right now) and i receive your blog. i am recovering from a lengthy and life-threatening illness and when your blog arrives in my e-mail it never fails to brighten my day. you give me hope that one day i will look not only ‘human’ again but even possibly elegant and chic someday in the future.

    you brighten my day every time i receive your newest blog and videos. thank you with all my heart.

    very sincerely,
    gina olivia

  51. Got your book from the library yesterday and just finished it ~ awesome reading! Keep up the good work :)

  52. Bonjour de Rio de Janeiro.
    Votre livre est amusant et très vrai.
    Vous avez bien compris le savoir être et le savoir faire français et vous n êtes pas tombée sur le piège de décrire, encore une fois, le “mauvais” côté des français, c est à dire, l agacement, la mauvaise humeur et d autres clichés.
    Votre attitude et perception on été très positives, ça rassure.
    En tant qu une jeune étudiante étrangère, et ayant écrit ce livre, qui met l élegance parisienne et le style de vie à la française au podium international, vous méritez une décoration de la Mairie de Paris, voir de l Élysée. Bravo!

  53. Hi Jennifer,

    I randomly bought your book here in Hong kong in feb 2013 while I was just browising thru the shelves. After reading a chapter I couldnt leave the bookstore empty handed coz your book was such a good find. I finished reading in about two days and I really enjoyed it. and I also leant about your blog and you tube channel from your book and honestly i enjoyed watching your videos so much. I am looking forward to Mondays now coz you will upload new videos.

    I will pass your book to my daughter when she is older, she is 9 now. I am sure it will inspire her like you have inspired me so much!

    Thank you so much. I am also very happy that your book has been been reviewed and appreciated so much! Just want to let you know that I am a big fan of your book, blogs and videos here from hong kong. Btw I am Chinese from hong kong.

    Blessings to you and your family!

    Josephine from hong kong

  54. Hi, Jennifer!
    I ordered your book on Kindle three days ago, and finished it yesterday. With your book as a guide, I promptly organized my wardrobe, as I had been in a fashion rut for awhile. I found that I did not even like or wear over 90% of my clothes, many of which were relics from my college days (and I graduated six years ago!), some were even from high school. Remained were the few very flattering pieces made of good materials that I seldom wore because they were “saved” for more “worthy” events, which doesn’t even make any sense to me now. I also used your guide at Saks yesterday to pick up a few key pieces that were lacking in my wardrobe. I now have, literally, only 10 pieces, and they all make me look great and feel great! I don’t think I have felt this happy and free in years, if ever. Thank you!

  55. Hi!

    Love your book…ordered it for my Kindle last year, and find myself going back to certain chapters for inspiration…esp. the ‘no snacking’ one!
    Keep writing; I would love to see you come out with another book.

  56. Mrs. Scott,
    My dream is to live the beautiful life of Paris when I grow up. I am so excited to say this… I am going to the store right now to get your book!
    Thanks for inspiring me!
    Dylan :)

  57. DearJennifer,

    I recently discovered your amazing book. and I absolutely love it!
    Gowing up in Germany in a decidedly francophile home I was exposed to the lifestyle and values “Lessons from Madame Chic” is based on. While raising my family in the U.S., I tried my best to keep up the standards of my upbringing.
    Now that my kids are grown and I am living on my own, admittedly I have slipped. Until now!!!
    Jennifer, you truly are my inspiration. By sharing your experiences and your values you challenge me to raise my own standard in all areas!

    Thank you, and please keep going!


  58. Dear Jennifer,
    I found your blog probably over 6 months ago now, and got your book shortly thereafter. It is in some ways such a simple book, but one that I enjoy going back to and reading bits and pieces of for inspiration. It reminds me that the line between going through life thoughtlessly, feeling harried and negative, and going through life thoughtfully, feeling healthy and positive is such a fine one, and it’s all in the perspective. Your book helps me remember this and try to keep a healthy perspective! Best wishes,

  59. Just finished your book! Simply loved it!!! What a charming and lovely young lady you are. Seams to me lots and lots of young ladies need to read your book! I am handing it over to my 17 year old as I type!

    Cheers to you!

  60. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your book (it was a Christmas present from a friend). I thrilled to find your website/blog and videos as well. My first solo trip to Europe was to Paris, and the city always has a special place in my heart. However, your advice is helpful for many of us us living with too much stuff in small American apartments as well as a refresher course on good manners and a better way to look at life. Thanks again Jennifer, looking forward to following you here this year! Sarah in Chicago

  61. Thank you and congratulations on such a beautifully written book! After seeing a review of it in the Australian Shop til You Drop I couldn’t wait for its release :) It has inspired me to take more time to look after myself and those around me with quality and purpose. I read the book within a day – it was such a page-turner, now my sister has read it and now my mum is too. I have become addicted to your blog and have watched all of the archived blogs within the week. Thanks again and I look forward to following your blog and story in the new year. Happy new Year!!!

  62. This book is amazing!! Each chapter provides precious jewels of knowledge. I want to pay this book forward to many of my friends. I love to hold onto things that truly are not true to me now so locating only 10 items that are interchangeable was a challenge but it was greatly liberating. Thank you for this book!

  63. Congratulations, Jennifer, on your wonderful new book. I always love to read books such as yours that inspire and enhance life. Well done.
    P.S. I have spent the last few days cleaning out my wardrobe.

  64. Jennifer ~ This book is a true gem! I have thoroughly enjoyed every chapter…of course, the 10-item wardrobe was the most interesting and scary chapter for me! Having just moved back to California from the mid-west, I had 7 jumbo wardrobe boxes and 2 extra large wardrobe boxes. When you mentioned “hoarding”, that was my trigger word! I still have a long way to go however, I did give away 30 pairs of shoes and numerous items of clothing. I have also been cleaning out kitchen items (of which I had a lot) and other items. Our family does sit down together for dinner but this past Sunday we all sat down for breakfast. I so agree with you about manners, lack of manners and society being very casual. I hope this book will become a road map for people who want to live their best life possible.

  65. Jennifer, what a Blessing your book is to me! I had a premonition to stop at the bookstore and when I did, I found your wonder little gem. I’ve reread the book at least three times and keep finding little treasures that I didn’t see the first time. This reminds me of the way I grew up. We dressed well, had manners, and our conversation was modest. You are so right about the casualness breaking down our structures, protocols and routines. I am changing my ways to live a more formal life and I’m already being paid back in compliments on my dress, makeup, posture, etc. My mantra is “Live Life As A Formal Affair”. Bless you for sharing this, can’t wait for the next one!

  66. Hi Jennifer,

    I really enjoy your blog and your video posts. And I thought you did a great job on KCAL.
    I have ordered your book from Amazon and can’t wait to read it!

  67. Jennifer, I loved your book and am now anxious to catch up on your blog! Very inspiring. I was even presentable when the UPS delivery man rang my doorbell early this morning! :0)

  68. I love your book and blog so much! Your book has had a tremendous influence on my life since reading it. I am slowly implementing things, like the 10 piece wardrobe. I have greatly paired down my clothing and am ready to do another purging session of summer clothing. Thank you for your fabulous book, blog and YouTube channel!

  69. The new site looks fabulous! I’m enjoying the whole evolution of The Daily Connoisseur! :)

  70. I absoutely LOVE your book! My mother is a French professor who has spent part of each year in the Cote d’Azur and Paris for decades. I’ve been lucky enough to visit my parents there quite a few times and am a Francophile myself ;-). My mother is the epitome of everything you describe in your book – it’s really uncanny: Class, culture, style, quality of life, etc. I do hope you’ll write another book and, in the meantime, I’ll start reading/watching your blog! Thanks for the bit of joy you’ve brought me this summer :-)

  71. Can’t wait for the new edition to be published. I am a Francophile also and try to emulate the French woman’s style.

  72. I absolutely love your book! It reminded me of the months I spent in Paris and of all the joie de vivre that since I’ve forgotten about. The French way of life is so beautiful and sensual. It’s great to be reminded to slow down and enjoy the simple things and to try to live like they do. I love your tips about wearing my best clothes and using my best things always. What was I saving them for? Thank you!

  73. Dear Jennifer, I have had so much fun with your book! I have spent the last week experimenting with all of your tips and advice. My eleven year old daughter has been reading it and enjoying it as well. It’s so fun to talk to her about “Madame Chic”. Now she wants to learn French! I also wanted to tell you that you have inspired me to open my home and entertain more. Tomorrow, I am hosting a cheese tasting party! I just wanted you to know how much I have appreciated your book.

  74. I just received your book via Amazon and I love it. The book was amazing and gave me a fresh perspective. I absolutely want to travel and spend some time abroad. Please write a sequel.

  75. Wow! Jennifer! I just finished reading your book and you moved me to tears. I could have read it in a day but I have two toddlers! When I first purchased the book, I was excited about getting some beauty tips, little did I know, i was getting SO MUCH MORE! I, like you, enjoy art, traveling, music, friendship and living a passionate life. After having my two children (they are 19 months apart), all of my joy came from looking at their little faces. Not that this is a bad thing at all, but I lost myself in the past four years. I slowly felt like I was becoming like my mother, an angry person, resentful for not having time for herself. This book came at the perfect time for me. It reminded me, that it is not What I do, but How I do it! I read several books a week but very rarely to I read one more than once. Yours will be placed in my treasure section, I will definitely read it again. Thank you for sharing your experience, your words, your style, your passion. You are one of my very best friends : ) Good Luck and please write many more books!

  76. Hello Jeniffer! I just ordered your book on Kindle, and I couldn’t put it down until I finished reading the whole thing! I loved it!

  77. Wonderful book Jennifer! I love the impact of the lessons on the readers (including moi!). I look forward to more.

  78. Dear Jennifer, Thank you so much for your delightful book. I, too, studied in France during my college years and have spent many holidays there. I have so many fond memories and learned so much! Today, my husband and I live in France in fulfillment of my lifelong dream. I am currently beginning my capsule wardrobe thanks to having been inspired by you! Merci bien, Jennifer!

  79. Hi Jennifer, Just finished reading Lesson’s From madame Chic. your book has inspired me so much. I am off to Paris in June the Clarisonic is on order and I am practicing my Le No makeup look.,

  80. Just finished the book on my kindle. Really enjoyed it. So many great ideas and reminded me of so many things that I used to enjoy that I haven’t done since having kids etc. Thanks xx

  81. Hi Jennifer, I’ve just finished reading your book on my kindle, loved it so much, I’m buying the hard copy, this kind of book, one must have the real thing. You have inspired me to change my ways! All the best to you!

  82. Just finished your book (ebook)! What a wonderful way to begin my New Year with your “wisdoms”!! Thank you.

  83. Dear Jennifer, I received a copy of your book from my mother for Christmas this year…. As a former exchange student to France (Montpellier, 1984-85!), I adored your reflections on the lessons you learned, and especially the descriptions of family life. You refreshed my memory of drinking one’s breakfast from a bowl, my host family’s father hand-making the “sauce Mayonnaise” for the week every Sunday morning, and all of us pausing in the middle of our school or work day to gather together at the outdoor table for a family luncheon. You have renewed my commitment to live a passionate life of elegant simplicity… and have inspired me to clean out my closet! Merci beaucoup; je vous souhaite un succes complet avec votre (vos) livre(s)! — Alison, Altadena CA

  84. Hi Jennifer, My bookclub is reading The 20 Things I Learned From Madame Chic. Tomorrow night we meet and I am serving Camembert cheese and attempting to make French crepes. I really like your book and have taken many of your ideas to heart. Thanks!

  85. Bonjour Jennifer, Just wanted to say that I loved the CNN article, your blog and videos. I teach French and Spanish at UNLV and have just emailed some of my students, who will be leaving to France to study in January your link. I can’t wait to read your book. I also have a passion for traveling especially to Italy and France where I visit often. I look forward to keeping up with your blog. All my best, Janu Tornell

  86. Hi Jennifer, I’m a somewhat new reader of your blog. I’m thoroughly enjoying reading old posts and getting caught up. I look forward to reading both your new books!

  87. Jennifer, your new site is lovely! I can’t wait to read your books and continue to keep up with your blog — it’s always been one of my favorites. =)

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